Saturday, September 18, 2010

China's Got Talent

First we had Britain's Got Talent, then America's Got Talent, then followed by several other countries. The latest addition to this competition is China's Got Talent which premiered on July 25, 2010.

Already this competition has seen some very talented aspiring entertainers but one that stands out is Liu Wei who is armless but plays piano brilliantly. He has already made it to the final. Here are two videos of him telling viewers about his past, his determination and finally his piano playing skills with his feet. He not only plays the piano but also sings and composes song as well as swimming. He won two gold medals at the National Swimming Competition for the disabled in 2002 and would have made it to China's national team for the 2008 Paralympics if he had not came down with an immunological disease. His statement that " nobody says piano must only be played with hands " was very true.

Also from the same competition is a 23 "dwarf" woman, Zhu Jie who still possesses a voice of a little girl. Her boyfriend is also a "dwarf" who is a year older than her. The lady judge whose song she sang asked the boyfriend what he loved her the most, he said 'everything about her'