Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buddhist Personality : Somchai Khemklud

Name : Somchai Khemklud
Country : Thailand
Profession : Actor/Singer
Date of Birth : 26th January 1974

He is more commonly known as "Tao" in Thailand and has the reputation of a "bad guy" in Thai entertainment industry. His rough apperance is reflected through his actions and his "wild" lifestyle over the years. Early last year, a police report was lodged against him for beating up a 56 year old man. The brawl started at a noodle stall. According to witnesses, when a drunk Tao appeared at the stall, he greeted everyone there with a "Wai" and everyone greeted him in return except for one man who was too engross in eating his noodles. Apparently he was not happy with this and went up to that man and hit him all over his body. The middle aged man suffered some physical injuries and lodged a police report. He was asked by the police to give statement but failed to do so until an arrest warrant was almost issued to him.

On 23rd October 2008, Tao was ordained as a Buddhist monk for 39 days. His decision to get ordained was to gain merit and pray to his ex-mother in law who was very sick lying on a bed in the hospital at that time. Tao divorced his celebrity wife Nat Myria in 2005.

Somchai in his younger days

On May 14, 2009, Tao shocked the Thai public by registering his marriage to a corporate woman. Prior to his marriage, there was no any indication that he was dating this woman. Many suspected that his sudden marriage was due to her "pregnancy". The couple held their wedding ceremony exactly a month later. Below are pictures of his wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

At his wedding reception, he was even more casually dressed ( in jeans-not visible from this photo) than his guests.

On 22nd February 2010, just less that 2 weeks ago, his daughter was born