Friday, March 5, 2010

Buddhist Personality - Ann Thongprasom

Name : Ann Thongprasom
Country : Thailand
Proffesion : Actress
Date Of Birth : 1st November 1975
Height : 163cm

She was born to a Thai mother and a Swedish-Arabian father. She has 2 other siblings, an elder brother and a younger brother. When Ann was about 4-5 years old, her father left the family and since then she and her family have never heard of him. Shortly thereafter, her mother also left them but not before sending Ann and her brothers to their grandparents. The 3 siblings were brought up by their grandparents entirely in Thailand.

She started entering the entertaiment world at 13 by appearing in music videos then proceeded to acting but she did not let her work to affect her studies in which she later graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communication from a Thai university.

Today after close to 2 decades since her debut, she has appeared in numerous movies and many lakorns ( thai drama ) and has established herself as the top actress in Thailand. Despite her huge popularity she is a rather low profile actress, hardly get involved in any scandals unlike many other actresses. She acts well and Thais lover her. She is undeniably the Queen of Lakorn in Thailand.

She is no stranger to awards but early this year, she together with her favorite co-star Ken ( picture below ) won almost all the best/favorite actress/actor awards up for grabs respectively for their roles in lakorns (2009)


Anonymous said...

I heard that she's a Christian ?? Is she ??c