Monday, March 29, 2010

Thai Peace Talk Round 2

For those who are still interested, the 2nd round of meeting between Prime Minister, Abhisit and the Reds has started. All six particapants of the meeting are the same as yesterday's.

Here's what goes on in the discussion hall. ( Reds : Veera, Weng, Jatuporn )

Veera: "We are here to reiterate our demand, which is House disolution within 15 days. We don't want to call this the last round. But we would like a conclusion."

Abhisit: "It's like I said yesterday. There are conditions that we all should fulfil so as to make this really fruitful. I have consulted many parties. I have to tell the truth that many people don't want House dissolution now. I have no problem with House dissolution before this government lasts its term."

Abhisit: "Are we ready to talk within this framework? 15 days is impossible demand. If you are interested, we can continue talking. If you are not intersted... I'm not saying no to House dissolution. I'm just saying not today or within 15 days"

Jatuporn: "You have been PM one year and four months without deserving it. Double standard has left a deep scar on Thai society. Aside from being illegimate, your government has adopted various questionable policies."

(1) Amendment of Constitution should be done under new legislature, not under a pro-military structure

(2) The appointed PM is not a legitimate PM

(3) Increase opposition of the present government

(4) The government has borrowed a large sum of money thus increasing the nation's debt.

(5) He sees no chance of this government amending the Constitution

(6) This government is corrupted.

Jatuporn: "You and me and other groups should sign a ratification stating that all this must end with a new election. If you don't do it (dissolve House) you will be a tyrant.

Abhisit: "I thought we would not talk about what was already discussed. Accusing this government of being illegimate is an insult to the MPs that back this government. On me being illegitimate PM, I was chosen by MPs & up to each MP to vote for as per constitutional process. It has been normal parliamentary process all along, including by elections won by this government more than 20 out of 30. If you abhor this system, why did you contest in the election? On double standard it has more to do with Thaksin than me"

Jatuporn: "It's too late now to amend the Consitution. A new election has to be held to end the current political problems. All sides should ratify a pact that all sides would accept the result of the next election so that the political crisis could end"

Abhisit: "The money borrowed was utilised as part of stimulus package. It was not the largest amount borrowed. The largest amount was during Thaksin time. On corruption why don't you discuss corruption that has already been judged by court?"

Abhisit: "How many people believe we can have election under this atmosphere? You said you could control situation , but can you tell me who were responsible for the attack at Interior Ministry last year. You did not do anything to speak out against the violence at Interior Ministry when my vehicle was attacked. Your leaders were standing near where the Interior Ministry attack took place. Nobody said stop!."

Abhisit: "I have not said that i need to stay as PM until the end of my term but we need to have an additional time first.

Jatuporn: Back when PAD GovernmentHouse was seized, you called for dissolution. Korn even visited the Government House then, but now you disagree

( at this point Abhisit and Jatuporn were heatedly arguining, the other participants from both sides tried to get the discussion back on course )

Weng: "Reds are disciplined. Yellows ( supporters of Abhisit coalitions ) are mad and bloodlust. ( he then shows photos of what he says of soldiers aiming at red protesters ).

Abhisit: "I've never ordered those people be harmed. Please check my comments on the rally. I have never accused protesters. Look who's encouraging violence and aggressivness."

Veera: "If 15 days isn't acceptable. What's your offer?"

(Initially Abhisit can't give a definite answer but finally ... )

Abhisit: "What about the end of the year? We have the budget and other factors to consider.

Veera: From what I have heard on the time needed to get legal things in order from academics is that it can be down within 3 months

( Abhisit starts to explain on budgetary reasons why more time is needed )

Jatuporn: In 9 months will the economy actually get better? Will we be able to the constitution in that time?"

(Abhisit explaining that this financial year is different from others because of financial crisis)

Abhisit: "Referendum will take 3-4 months" Do you want to read sms that people sent to me? They said they won't vote for me if I dissolve House under pressure from just one group."

( The reds side start to question about Abhisit keeping his promise at the end of the year )
Korbsak: "We are here for thailand, not for Abhisit to continue to be PM or Pheu thai to be government. Let's be realistic if you want to do this for Thailand. We can each say we not trust each other. I thought I heard you say we have day 3. Meet again tomorrow?"

Abhisit: "Buying time means doing nothing. We have a roadmap."

( Veera proposes more talks, Abhisit proposes private discussions on roadmap )

Abhisit: " "I will go to Bahrain tomorrow. When i return, we'll talk again on this Thursday."

( Weng talks about violence again protesters again )

Abhisit: This government and the army agree that protesters aren't our enemy."

Weng: "We don't come just three of us. We have 20 million people with us".

Abhisit: "I'm not debating numbers, or I'll dare you for a referendum on whether House should be dissolved."

Weng: "We have right to assemble"

Jatuporn: "Future is future. I'll go back and ask the protesters in regards to the difference between 15 days and 9 months"
( indicating he doesn't want more talks but to let the people decide )

Talks ended with no conclusion over timeframe for House dissolution; No date was set for future talks