Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just For Laugh

An elderly monk is walking with a young monk when they saw a beautiful young maiden waiting to cross a somewhat deep pond. Hoping to assist, the young monk lifted her and gently put her on the other side of the pond. Later the old monk was very upset with him for what he did. He replied, Master, i carried that girl and left her on the other side of the pond, I am done but you seems to be still carrying her.

A girl is preparing to marry her non-Buddhist boyfriend Her parents are not happy with this. So the girl persuades her boyfriend to learn the Dharma. A few weeks later, her mother ask her "How is your boyfriend doing ?". The girl answers "He is fine. He has already learn the Dharma". Then the mother tells her daughther "So, now you are ready to marry him". Upon hearing this, the daughter starts to sob. The mother asks "You are going to marry him, why are you crying". She answers her mother "He has learned Buddhist too deeply, now he wants to be a monk".