Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vietnam Receives Buddha's Relic From India

A delegation of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) has just left for India early this morning (3rd March 2010 ) to receive a sari said to be that of the Lord Buddha. The treasure-one of the purported relics left over after the physical body of the Buddha was cremated-was a gift from the President of the World Association of Buddhists in India to Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan during her official visit to the country.

The Vice President assigned the VBS to hold a ceremony to receive the sari and convey it to Bai Dinh pagoda-the largest Buddhist pagoda in Vietnam-in the northern province of Ninh Binh. The delegation is schedule to arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam later this evening A major ceremony is being planned to receive this much treasured relic.

The delegation arriving at Hanoi Airport to depart for India this morning.

The Vietnamese delegation of more than 100 members comprising monks and officials upon arrival at the airport in India

The temple in India where the relics are being preserved

The Vietnamese delegation arriving at the temple

The Vietnamese monks participate in a ceremony in India before the relics are taken to Vietnam

After completion of the ceremony, the relics are officially handed over to a Vietnamese monk

The delegation having their vegetarian meal

The delegation board the Vietnam Airline aircraft to return to Vietnam on the very same day

The relics are safely placed in the aircraft

( More reports to come once the relic has arrived )


( Update 2 )

Monks, nuns, devotees and reporters assemble at the Hanoi Airport in anticipation of the arrival of the relics. The delegation carrying the relics is scheduled to arrive at 3pm local time

Devotees sitting by the road side leading to the airport waiting for the arrival of the relics

Children are also at the airport to welcome the relics

Security personnels are stationed at the airport compound to control the crowd

This is the car that will ferry the relics from the airport to Bai Dinh Temple. It will be accompanied by a convoy of more than 100 cars