Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vietnam Receives Buddha's Relics From India ( Update 3 )

As the arrival time of the relics gets closer, the crowd get bigger, all waiting to welcome the sacred relics

The Vice President Of Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Doan ( the woman in black ) waits for the relics arrival together with some senior monks at the airport

The specially chartered Vietnam Airlines flight departs for India in the early morning and makes a swift return to Vietnam on the same day. This Vietnam Airlines flight no. VNA309 arrives at the airport at 4.45pm.

The delegation of monks carrying the sacred relics disembarking from the aircraft

The sacred relics are kept in well protected small Pagoda shape containers

The monks have disembarked and ready to travel to Bai Dinh Temple

The delegation coming out from the airport

Devotees wait for the monks to appear from the airport in an orderly manner

The limousine in which the relics will be ferried with waits for the monks to disembark

Excited devotees greet the arrival of the relics

Finally the monks with the relics are seated in the limounsine, ready to travel to Bai Dinh Temple

The convoy with the relics heading to Bai Dinh Temple from Hanoi Airport