Thursday, November 6, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Tina Turner

Nama : Tina Turner
Nationality : USA
Date Of Birth : 26th November 1939
Profession : Singer

Tina came from a broken family. When she was 16 and still in high school she was "disovered" by an R&B band leader Ike Turner who later turned her into a famous singer in the 60s. She married Ike in 1962 but the marriage was not what she had expected, beautiful and a happy one but instead full of violence and brutalities. Ike was battling with his drug addictions and was in total control of Tina's life. When on stage, she was a strong and happy woman but unknown to her audiences, beneath the makeups on her face were all the bruises from Ike's beatings.

One day, her new secretary who was a buddhist introduced the faith to Tina. She told Tina that her fate is in her own hands. She started to learn more about Buddhism and began to chant. Her belief in her new faith has turned her anger to strenght. Finally in 1976 she decided to walk out from her marriage and thus ending a 16 years relationship with Ike. Her divorce had left her nothing. As per Buddha's teachings, she was willing to leave everything because to her freedom from sufferings and unhappiness is more important that everything else.

After her divorce, she struggled to re-establish her singing career and finally the seed that she planted rippened and she was awarded 3 grammy awards in 1985. Tina Turner's life story is one good example on how Buddhism can change one's life from a life of sufferings and happiness to a life of strength and courage.

Tina Turner chanting