Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Zhou Jie

Name : Zhou Jie
Nationality : China
Date Of Birth : 17th January 1970
Height : 181cm
Profession : Actor

A TV drama actor, Zhou Jie liked to listen to stories on Buddhism when he was still a little boy. Though his parents were atheists, but his father was a very kind hearted man, a trait which a Buddhist should have. His interest in Buddhism grew and finally decided to "convert" to the religion in 1999 by learning more from Buddhist masters. He has been a vegetarian since he was a little. According to him, many people have the perceptions that being a buddhist is to go to the temples to pray and to ask favors from the Buddha, Buddhism is not about fate but about following Buddha's teachings to determine our own destiny. On being vegetarians, people should not worry that abstinence from eating meats would affect their healths. He said, Shaolin monks are all vegetarians but they are strong and healthy.