Monday, November 3, 2008

Buddhist Personality : Belinda Carlisle

Name : Belinda Carlisle
Nationality : USA
Date Of Birth : 16th August 1958
Profession : Singer

Belinda was a member of an all-girl group called The Go Go's but turned solo in 1985. In the 80s, she was well known not only for her songs but also her wild party girl image. Infact she even posed nude for Playgirl magazine in 1986. As she approached 40, she started to lead a more meaningful and healthier life by turning to Buddhism. She has stopped drinking and taking drugs. According to Belinda, she was born into a strict Christian family and was forced to go to the church every Sunday when she was growing up but she could not connect to Christianity in the way she with Buddhism. Today she is into daily buddhist chanting to find inner peace in her life.